Reducing Inaccuracies and Detecting Fraud with Digital Invoicing

App Beats Paper


One of our most impactful innovations to date is the ability to automatically generate home-based care invoices based on our caregivers’ GPS data through Helper Hive, The Helper Bees’ mobile app, instead of relying on self-reporting and recollection in the form of timesheets. We have pioneered the use within the…

Implications For Fraud Detection and Care Management Services


The Helper Bees has built a digital data acquisition platform that provides long-term care insurance partners with transformative digital invoicing solutions for home and facility-based care. Here we demonstrate the true capabilities of an all-digital data acquisition method with dashboard-style data summaries of individual claimants, empowering carriers to extrapolate trends…

As the CEO of a company that helps seniors find the care they need, I have a relentless passion for understanding and staying up to date with the latest developments in the world of senior care, and in particular Alzheimer’s.
60–80% of senior dementia involves Alzheimer’s. I believe that best way…

Char Hu

#Insurtech #AgingTechnology #InHomeCare #Thinker CEO of The Helper Bees @thehelperbees and founder of Georgetown Living @georgetownalf

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